Color Grading Luts


Color Grading LUTs & Lightroom Profiles

Lightroom Profiles are the Presets of the future. Think Photoshop quality accessible in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. Vibrancy on another level using color grading technology previously utilized primarily in video. They can transform your images into polished works of art while speeding up your Lightroom editing workflow. Lightroom Profiles are developed to help photographers dramatically impact their edits and produce premium high-quality results in seconds.

LUTs (Lookup Tables)

LUTs, which stands for ‘Look Up Table’ are mathematically calculated equations applied to color grading and color correction. The general result is a richer more colorful final result than can be achieved with a preset alone. LUTs and Lightroom Profiles are created outside of Lightroom in other editing softwares, including Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw and contain elements not contained in Lightroom. Lightroom Profiles can be applied along with presets without erasing the preset settings and they have one slider that adjusts the depth of the profile that is applied.