These instructions are for syncing lightroom presets to the mobile Lightroom CC App if you have a Creative Cloud membership. We have also included a brief overview of installing mobile lightroom presets to the free Lightroom app using DNG files. Visit our mobile lightroom presets store at

Syncing Develop Presets vs. Installing Mobile Presets

Syncing normal develop Lightroom presets is different than installing mobile presets directly onto your phone. Syncing involves using your Creative Cloud (CC) membership to simply sync your same develop presets you use on your desktop to your mobile phone to be used. Installing mobile presets into the free Adobe Lightroom Mobile App uses a different method and different type of file, a DNG file.

How To Install Mobile Preset DNG Files

To install mobile lightroom presets in the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC App without a paid Creative Cloud membership plan, you need to use DNG files and the process is different and requires a few steps to both install and use the presets.

  1. For the free app you load the images as DNG files with your presets embedded already. Simply import the files as you would regular images.
  2. Then when you want to use a preset for another image, you copy the preset settings from the DNG preset file and paste them onto your new image.
  3. You can also go a step further to optimize your workflow by saving those images as presets into a new presets folder on your free app so they can be applied quicker on future images without copying and pasting the settings for each image.

We highly recommend a paid Creative Cloud membership to enable the most efficient workflow and syncing capabilities between your desktop and mobile environments. If you are already subscribed to Creative Cloud, then you just need to sync up your mobile app by logging into your account via the mobile app after you have already installed your presets using the desktop method. Follow the instructions below.

How To Sync Lightroom Presets from Desktop To Mobile in Adobe CC

To Sync Your Lightroom Presets, follow these 2 simple steps:

  1. If you haven’t installed your lightroom presets into your desktop app, then you’ll need to do that first. If you are using Lightroom Classic, simply download Lightroom CC on your desktop and open it up and your presets will automatically sync via your Creative Cloud account. Click the cloud icon in the upper right to finish the syncing between devices.
  2. Now install the Lightroom CC mobile app on your phone and login to your creative cloud account. You should see your presets there to use on your images. If you don’t, click the cloud icon in the upper right to sync again and then you should see the your presets.

To use them is as simple as it is on your desktop, scroll through the different presets and select them to see the impact on each image.  Apply that which you like.

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