12 Best Free Lightroom Presets

Edit your photos fast in Lightroom with our Free Presets for Lightroom Download for LR & ACR. Inside the download are Lightroom presets for portraits, child, newborn, wedding, film, golden hour, light and airy and mobile. These pro editing tools for photographers are from our LR sets.


12 Best Free Presets
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Lightroom Presets Free Download

Free Presets Download
12 Free Presets
Compatible With
    Creative Cloud (CC)
    Lightroom 4-6
    ACR 10.5+ – 12+
   Mac and PC

About This Preset Collection

Download this Free Lightroom preset set for Lightroom from Greater Than Gatsby! These are the best presets and are part of our 16 premium lightroom preset collections.

This sample set allows customers the ability to try us before buying. They are perfect for beginner and experienced professional photographers alike and include a variety of different options for different types of photography, including wedding, portraits, newborn, golden hour and film.

Which Presets Are Included?

You will receive a sample Lightroom presets collection for LR and ACR in the zip file download, including those below. They are compatible with CC, Classic, LR 4-6 & Adobe Camera Raw. These free presets can also be used in Lightroom Mobile if you have a Creative Cloud account. The included .xmp files can be used on mobile within your creative cloud account if you are logged in via the Lightroom mobile app.

  • Pomona Portrait (Fine Art)
  • Family Portrait (Family Portrait Presets)
  • Reverb Portrait (Low Key Studio)
  • Bubbly Wedding (Garden Party – Wedding Presets)
  • Acacia Wedding (Painted Desert)
  • Kitchen Breeze (Light & Airy)
  • Hemingway Moody Film (Darkroom – Film Presets)
  • Florence Fuji Film (Watercolor)
  • Lightroom Notorious B & W (Hitchcock)
  • Hully Gully (Innocence) (Child Portrait Presets)
  • Cocktail (Golden Hour) (Golden Hour Presets)
  • Reset Free Lightroom Preset

Our download includes the best free pro Lightroom presets for portraits, family portrait photography, newborn, light and airy, wedding, golden hour, dark and moody film and many more for CC, Classic, LR, 4, 5 and 6, and ACR 10, 11 & 12.

High Key Studio Portrait

Sundrenched Wedding

Watercolor Film


Garden Party Wedding

Darkroom Film

Innocence Child Portrait

Golden Hour

Free Download Samples

Pomona Fine Art
Portrait Preset

Kitchen Breeze
Light & Airy Preset

Florence Watercolor
Film Preset

Acacia Painted Desert
Wedding Preset

Cocktail Golden Hour
Lightroom Preset

Notorious Hitchcock
Film Preset