Free Photoshop Actions

This free photoshop actions download comes
in a zip file and can be downloaded instantly.
We hand picked a selection of 12 actions
from our 15 premium photoshop action collections.
Included are actions for portrait, retouch,
newborn, wedding, moody, film, matte and more.


Download 12 FREE Actions
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Download 12 Free Photoshop Actions

FREE Actions Download
12 Free PS Actions
Compatible With
    Photoshop CC – 2021
    Photoshop CS2 – CS6
    Elements 13 – 21
    Mac and PC

Download 12 free actions from Greater Than Gatsby! These are part of our collections of the best photoshop actions for sale across 15 premium photoshop action collections.

This free sample set of a dozen free actions allows customers the ability to try us before buying. These are perfect for beginner and experienced professional photographers alike and include a variety of different actions for different types of photography, including portrait, newborn and retouch. When you become a Greater Than Gatsby Inner Circle member, we’ll instantly email you a link to download them.

Free Photoshop Actions Included

You will receive a sample collection of free photoshop actions for Photoshop and PSE in our download, including those below.

  1. Natural Beauty Smoother ( Free Portrait Retouch Action – Portrait Retouch)
  2. Primary Foundation (Exclusive to this free sampler set)
  3. Giant Peach ( Free Innocence Action – Child Portraits)
  4. Dark Paradise ( Three Nails Free Photoshop Action – Wedding)
  5. Clean Soft color ( Free Clean Workflow Action )
  6. Joplin ( Woodstock Free Photoshop Action – Film & Matte)
  7. Lost Cheerio ( Free Newborn Collection II Action – Newborn & Baby)
  8. Sparrow ( Carving Tree Free Photoshop Action )
  9. Hammers & Strings (Free Radiance Action – Outdoor Portraits)
  10. Play Them All Action: Artistic Enhancements
  11. Van Gogh (Free Painterly Portrait Action – Painterly Portrait)
  12. Exact Dimension Resize and Sharpen Action

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