The Bohemian Rhapsody Collection
Photoshop Actions

Bold, Colorful & Earthy Lifestyle
Photoshop Actions

Bohemian Rhapsody
112 Photoshop Actions
Compatible With
    Photoshop CC
    Photoshop 2021 – Current

    Mac and PC

$119.00  $95.20  (with code)

The Bohemian Rhapsody Collection allows you to narrate your client’s story through the use of stunning and dramatic color. This collection is truly groundbreaking because it’s the first action set that integrates Adaptive A.I. Technology. It was co-designed with Shannon McTighe Photography to capture her free-spirited style and unconventional editing workflow. The set uses bold colors, warm earthy tones, and textures to elicit a strong emotional response. The Bohemian Rhapsody Collection raises the bar with spectacular color-grading effects and is different from anything you’ve ever seen before.

  • A.I. Adaptive Technology
  • 112 Actions Included
  • Easy-To-Follow Explanations and Guides Built Within Each Action
  • International Orders Accepted
  • Files Included for Creative Cloud (CC) and Photoshop 2021 – Current
  • Due to the use of A.I., this set is not compatible with CS2-CS6 or Elements.

Expand The Canvas

  • Expand The Canvas {Left}
  • Expand The Canvas {Right}
  • Expand The Canvas {Up}
  • Expand The Canvas {Down}

Underexposed Prepwork

  • Gentle Light + Clean
  • Gentle Light + Green
  • Gentle Light + Magenta
  • Radiant Light + Clean
  • Radiant Light + Green
  • Radiant Light + Magenta
  • Blue Hour Fix + Clean
  • Blue Hour Fix + Green
  • Blue Hour Fix + Magenta
  • Overcast Lift + Clean
  • Overcast Lift + Green
  • Overcast Lift + Magenta
  • Twilight Boost + Clean
  • Twilight Boost + Green
  • Twilight Boost + Magenta

Optional Auxiliary Boost

  • Exposure +
  • Exposure ++
  • Exposure +++

A.I. Adaptive Brushwork

  • Pop The Subject – Clean
  • Pop The Subject – Green
  • Pop The Subject – Magenta
  • Boost The Background – Clean
  • Boost The Background – Green
  • Boost The Background – Magenta
  • Enhance The Sky – Clean
  • Enhance The Sky – Warmer
  • Enhance The Sky – Cooler

One-Click Color Base

  • Is This The Real Life {Subtle Clean}
  • Is This Just Fantasy {Subtle Warmth}
  • Caught In A Landslide {Bold Clean}
  • No Escape From Reality {Bold Warmth}
  • Open Your Eyes {Vibrant Colorburst}
  • Look Up To The Skies And See {Clarity}

Expand Dynamic Range

  • I’m Just A Poor Boy {Dodge + Darken}
  • I Need No Sympathy {Burn + Bright Brush}

Clean Tone Enhancements

  • I See A Little {Optimal Color}
  • Silhouetto {Lively Color}
  • Of A Man {Chromatic Lift}
  • Scaramouch I {Mild Mute}
  • Scaramouch II {Wild Mute}
  • Will You Do {Dark Forest}
  • The Fandango {Mountain Air}
  • Thunderbolts {Slight Bronze}
  • And Lightning {Bright Boost}
  • Very Very {Mercury Matte}
  • Frightening Me {Simple Color}

Movable Sunlight

  • Galileo Galileo I {Direct Sun}
  • Galileo Galileo II {Golden Hour}
  • Galileo Figaro {Diffused Sun}
  • Magnificoo {Blue Hour}

Enhancement Brushes

  • Easy Come {More Light}
  • Easy Go {Less Light}
  • Little High {Vibrant Color}
  • Little Low {Muted Color}
  • Carry On I {Halt Highlights}
  • Carry On II {Lift Shadows}
  • Mama Mia I {Sharpen Details}
  • Mama Mia II {Cancel Noise}
  • Let Me Go {Reduce Yellows}
  • Will You Let Me Go {Reduce Reds}
  • Never Let You Go {Reduce Blues}

Background Brushes

  • For Me {Perfect Greens}
  • For Meeee {Morning Fog}
  • Spit In My Eye {Sparkling Water}
  • Love Me And Leave Me {Warm Sky}
  • Oh Baby {Cotton Candy Sky}
  • Just Gotta Get Out {Stormy Sky}
  • Right Outta Here {Dramatic Sky}

Artistic Color Grading

  • I Want To Break Free {Mood Ring}
  • We Will Rock You {Polished Copper}
  • Under Pressure {Tarnished Copper}
  • We Are The Champions {Citrine Matte}
  • I Want It All {Cheyenne Cyan}
  • Somebody To Love {Muted Sage}
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love {Bronze}
  • Don’t Stop Me Now {Purified Light}
  • You’re My Best Friend {Countryside}
  • Another One Bites The Dust {Golden}

Finishing Effects

  • A Morning At The Piano {HS Portraiture-ish}
  • A Day At The Races {PB Portraiture-ish}
  • An Evening At Live Aid {Soften Details}
  • A Night At The Opera {Painterly-ish}

Micro Adjustments

  • Nothing {Bright Pop}
  • Really {Neutral Pop}
  • Matters {Dark Drop}
  • Anyone {Bright Contrast}
  • Can {Neutral Contrast}
  • See {Dark Contrast}
  • Nothing {Little Warmer}
  • Really {Little Cooler}
  • Matters {Little Greener}
  • To {Little Magenta-er}
  • Me {Soft Haze}

Classic Black & White Conversion

  • Any Way The Wind Blows

Resize, Sharpen & Logo

  • Web Exact Dimension Resize and Sharpen
  • Sharpen for Print
  • Watermark/Logo Placement
Recipe Guide (PDF)

Bohemian Rhapsody
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Bohemian Rhapsody
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Bohemian Rhapsody Photoshop Actions
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Daniela
My jaw is on the floor

This has been such a valuable product in my business I'm OBSESSED!

 by Staci
the only actions I'll use now

I've NEVER bought actions that worked this well. Absolutely love the vibrancy and punch- they are so easy to use and I'm not finding myself using just the same one over and over- they are ALL so good!!!

 by Donna S.
WOW! Stunning!

Wow, wow, wow! These are so stunning and incredible I feel like a kid in a candy store!!

 by Denise
Out of this world!

Hands down the most incredible actions set for Photoshop I've ever tried, omg! just stunning, amazing and sure to produce vocal outbursts, lol!! omg! thank you GTG! the goat!!!

 by Veronika K.
Best of all !

So suprised and happy with these action set ­čÖé . Easy to use and create stunning pictures with beautiful colors. So many thanks for making our photo - life easer . Great job guys !

 by Plia Lau
These actions are amazing

if I could give 10 stars I would! These actions are a game changer! So easy to use and adjust if needed. They give my images the pop I was looking for! I'm so glad this was available for me to purchase and play with. Sure makes editing fun!

 by Sam
My new favorite action set!

This is my new favorite! i can't believe how amazing this set is and am so excited about all the edits to come!!

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