Newborn Collection II Photoshop Actions

Newborn, Baby, Child & Retouching Photoshop Actions

Newborn Collection II
78 Photoshop Actions
Compatible With
    Creative Cloud (CC)
    Photoshop CS2-CS6
    Elements 11-15
    Mac and PC

In collaboration with Amy McDaniel, of Dewdrops Photography, we have created the ultimate newborn Photoshop action set. Our amazing foundation actions give you the ability to soften your subject without losing any precious details. The Retouch Toolkit has been overhauled, is much more robust and creates extremely accurate skin tones. Plus, the artistic enhancements provide organic tones and mattes that compliment your images instead of over taking it. All these things combined, make this a must-have newborn set, the only one you’ll ever need.

  • 78 Actions Included
  • Recipe Guide (PDF)
  • Actions Easily Modified and Customized
  • Files for Photoshop CS2-CS6, Creative Cloud (CC), and Elements 11-15 Included
  • Detailed Installation Instructions Included
  • International Orders Accepted

Blanket Patchwork Tool

  • Blanket Patchwork Action
    * This action is only available with the CC, CS5, CS6, and PSE13+ versions.

One-Click Foundations

  • Simple & Subtle Foundation
  • Satin & Smooth Foundation
  • Soft & Sweet Foundation
  • Stark & Stunning Foundation
  • Non-Softening Foundation

Retouching Toolkit

  • Simply Natural Skin Smoother
  • Creamy Glow Skin Smoother
  • Skin Tone Select Smoother
  • Skin Tone Corrector
    • Reduce Red Splotches
    • Reduce Jaundice
    • Ostracize The Orange
    • Pluck The Purple
    • Go Away Gray
    • Warm The Skin
    • Cool The Skin
  • Facial Feature Enhancer
    • Lash Enhancer
    • Open Eye Enhancer
    • Catchlight Enhancer
    • First Tooth Brightener
    • Rosy Cheeks
    • Rosy Lips
  • Frequency Separation {8 bit}
  • Frequency Separation {16 bit}

Organic Tones & Mattes

  • Tummy Time (Bright Matte)
  • Snuggle Up (Velvet Matte)
  • Skin To Skin (Nude Matte)
  • Sleepless Night (Pearl Matte)
  • Pitter Patter (Purify Warmth)
  • White Noise (Ethereal Bright)
  • Butterfly Kisses (Pastel Chill)
  • Lost Cheerio (Glossy Brighten)
  • Rubber Ducky (Clean Warmth)
  • Applesauce (Rich Warmth)
  • Peach Fuzz (Warm Glow)
  • Special Delivery (Rosy Glow)

Artistic Black & White Enhancements

  • Potato Sack
  • Froggy
  • Tushie Up
  • Womb
  • Huck Finn

Movable Window Light

  • Window Light Glow
  • Window Light Sheer
  • Window Light Bright


  • Halo The Edges
  • Matte The Edges
  • Burn The Edges
  • Blur The Edges
  • Custom Airy Vignette
  • Custom Hazy Vignette
  • Custom Soft Vignette
  • Custom Rich Vignette
  • Vignette & Spotlight

Diaper Bag Helpers

  • Blanket Blur Brush
  • Final Skin Glow Brush
  • Color Pop Brush
  • Sharpen Details Brush
  • Paint On Light Brush
  • Paint On Dark Brush
  • Blacken Black Backdrop
  • Whiten White Backdrop
  • Underexposure Corrector
  • Overexposure Corrector
  • Brighten Shadows
  • Recover Highlights
  • Noise Reduction
  • Midtone Pop
  • Midtone Drop
  • Duplicate Your Image
  • Flatten Your Image
  • Horizontal Image Flip
  • Watermark/Logo Placement

Resizing & Sharpening

  • Facebook Horizontal R&S 2000px
  • Facebook Vertical R&S 1600px
  • Exact Dimension Web R&S
  • Sharpen for Print {Subtle}
  • Sharpen for Print {Strong}





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 59 reviews

im just in love with the gatsby's actions... want them all... thanx

Newborn 2 rocks!!

Newborn 2 rocks, you guys are awesome, these are the best newborn availabe by far. Are you bringing back Newborn 1? A friend told me to get it also, thx!! I love Gatsby!

These are the best, OMG, thank you so much!

I've only tried a few of the main companies and these are soooo much better than anything else. Your photos are amazing also, and Amy is incredible. Thank you both!

Great work Josh & Amy!!

Love the tones and the patchwork!! Thanks for the sale!

Best Newborn Actions available!

These are the best newborn actions available, by far!! I use only these for my newborn processing, clients love the results!!

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