Download & Install Info

After you’ve purchased from Greater Than Gatsby, you will be able to download your products from the order confirmation screen. You will also immediately receive an email with a link to download your purchased item(s).
You may download your action, overlay, or preset up to 10 times before the link expires. After 10 downloads, you will have to purchase another action, overlay, or preset to access the product again. We encourage everyone to make a backup copy of the digital download after the initial download to avoid any link expiration issues.
Greater Than Gatsby actions, overlays, and presets are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. Sharing any content constitutes a breach of copyright and is strictly forbidden.
Our actions, overlays, and presets involve multiple data files and need to be compressed into a single .zip file for organizational purposes. Most computers already have built-in .zip extracting software, making it easy to open .zip files. If your computer does not have built-in .zip extracting software, you can download unzipping programs online for your PC or Mac.