The Fleetwood Collection
Lightroom Presets

Bold, Colorful & Earthy Lifestyle
Lightroom Presets

79 Lightroom Presets
Compatible With
    LR CC & Classic CC
    Camera Raw (ACR)
   Mac and PC
$99.00  $79.20  

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The Fleetwood Collection is a Lightroom sister-set to our best selling Bohemian Rhapsody Actions. This complete workflow allows you to layer presets and customize effects. The collection allows you to narrate your client’s story through the use of stunning and dramatic color. This collection is truly groundbreaking because it’s our first preset collection that integrates Adaptive A.I. Technology. It was co-designed with Shannon McTighe Photography to capture her free-spirited style and unconventional editing workflow. The set uses bold colors, warm earthy tones, and textures to elicit a strong emotional response.

  • 59 A.I. & Premium Presets Included
  • 20 Brush Presets Included
  • Files for Lightroom CC and Classic CC Included
  • Files for Camera Raw (ACR) Included
  • Detailed Installation Instructions Included
  • Brushes Are Compatible With Lightroom Classic CC & ACR

Exposure Adjustment Section

  • Darker +++
  • Darker ++
  • Darker +
  • As Shot
  • Brighter +
  • Brighter ++
  • Brighter +++
  • Brighter ++++
  • Brighter +++++
  • Brighter ++++++

A.I. Adaptive Brushwork Section

  • Subject Light – Clean
  • Subject Light – Warm
  • Subject Light – Green
  • Subject Light – Magenta
  • Subject Bright – Clean
  • Subject Bright – Warm
  • Subject Bright – Green
  • Subject Bright – Magenta
  • Background Boost – Clean
  • Background Boost – Warm
  • Background Boost – Green
  • Background Boost – Magenta
  • Background Depth – Clean
  • Background Depth – Warm
  • Background Depth – Green
  • Background Depth – Magenta
  • Sky Enhance – Clean Recovery
  • Sky Enhance – Radiant Warmth
  • Sky Enhance – Mountain Chill
  • Sky Enhance – Stormy Grey
  • Sky Enhance – Cotton Candy

Clean Tone Enhancement Section

  • Took My Love
  • Took It Down
  • Climbed A Mountain
  • Turned Around
  • Saw My Reflection
  • Snow Covered Hills
  • Till The Landslide
  • Brought Me Down

Artistic Color Grading Section

  • Well I’ve Been
  • Afraid Of Changin’
  • Cause I’ve
  • Built My Life
  • Around You
  • But Time Makes
  • You Bolder
  • Even Children
  • Get Older
  • And I’m Getting
  • Older Too

Artistic Black & White Section

  • Dreams
  • Gypsy
  • Rhiannon

Edge Adjustment Section

  • Vignette – Light
  • Vignette – Medium
  • Vignette – Bold
  • Lens Correction – On
  • Lens Correction – Off
  • Reset Everything


  • Skin Glow
  • Catchlights
  • Reduce Reds
  • Reduce Blues
  • Recover Highlights
  • Brighten Shadows
  • Dodge Highlights
  • Burn Shadows
  • Soft Sunlight
  • Bright Sunlight
  • Haze – Fog
  • Dehaze
  • Warm Up
  • Cool Down
  • Color Pop
  • Color Drop
  • White Boost
  • Contrast Boost
  • Blur Background
  • Sharpen Details
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Fleetwood Lightroom Presets
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Mesha
Just.. WOW

I have tried many presets, this is up there in the top three!! So many options to plug in together! I also absolutely love that Shannon made youtube videos explaining how to use them. Can not recommend this enough!! 🥰🥰 with so many pieces, you are BOUND to find something that you like!!

 by Eva Fisher

I just purchased the Fleetwood collection, I'm one year in photography so I'm more comfortable using Lightroom but these presets and brushes take my edits to a whole new level, I've purchased other presets but this has been the boost I needed in my editing style thank you Shannon for sharing your knowledge and love for photography with others 🙂

 by Tina
The Very Best

These are the best presets and results I've ever seen. For the love of all the crappy preset makers out there! Thank Gatsby!!

 by Josephine

Wow! Wow wow! This is about as good as presets can be today, I'm so impressed and thankful for this collection and this company. Amazingly incredible folks!

 by Barb

So amazing, I'm in love with these presets and can't recommend enough. The ai is awesome, as are the brushes. Blows me away, and I'm sure it will you too.

 by Carrie
Favorite Presets of All Time!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Next level lightroom presets with this collection. I like many others have wasted money on so many presets from different companies and nothing even comes close to these and GTG. So thankful for these and the effort put into them. Save yourself the headache of shopping anywhere else.

 by Sam

I'm a HUGE fan of Shannon's BR actions so I was so excited to hear she was coming out with a sister collection for LR. I love how versatile these are. Having AI integrated makes for quick edits! Not only are these amazing but I LOVE that she includes multiple videos to show you have to utilize them to their fullest! Highly recommend!

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