The Portrait Retouch Collection
Photoshop Actions

Skin Retouching & Skin Smoothing
Photoshop Actions for Portrait Retouch

Portrait Retouch
83 Photoshop Actions
Compatible With
    Photoshop CC – 2023
    Photoshop CS2 – CS6
    Elements 13 – 23
    Mac and PC

$89.00  $71.20  (with code)

The Portrait Retouch Collection is the crème de la crème of retouch photoshop actions and skin retouching and is perfect for all ages and any skin type. This set nails the perfect skin tone on every single edit with unmatched consistency. We’ve taken the most complex editing techniques and made them accessible to anyone with the click of a button and the swipe of a brush. The stars of this set are the Magic Contouring brushes and our suite of headshot and pullback smoothers. The Magic Contouring brushes will fully contour your subject without the tedious manual process of dodging and burning. Our skin smoothers retain different levels of texture based on the visible detail of your subject’s skin.

  • 80 Skin Smoothing & Retouching Actions Included
  • 7 Bonus Eyelash Brushes Included
  • International Orders Accepted
  • Files for Photoshop CS2-CS6, Creative Cloud (CC), and Elements 13-23 Included
  • Compatible With All Current Versions of Photoshop

Frequency Separation

  • Skin Correction {8 bit}
  • Skin Correction {16 bit}
  • Flawless Skin Blend
  • Perfect Texture {8 bit}
  • Perfect Texture {16 bit}

Blemish Remover

  • Abracadabra Concealer

Add Skin Texture

  • Skin Texture {Light}
  • Skin Texture {Medium}
  • Skin Texture {Heavy}

Headshot Smoothers

  • Plain Jane Smoother
  • Light Contour Smoother
  • Strong Contour Smoother

Pullback Smoothers

  • Natural Beauty Smoother
  • There She Glows Smoother
  • Just For Men Smoother

Skin Cast Correctors

  • Ransack The Reds
  • Obliterate The Oranges
  • Yank The Yellows
  • Gobble The Greens
  • Catapult The Cyans
  • Banish The Blues
  • Purge The Purples
  • Muddle The Magentas
  • Neutralize Color

Supplemental Correctors

  • Fake Tan Fix
  • Any Color Fix
  • Shiny Skin Fix
  • Part Line Fix
  • Under Eye Skin Fix {Left}
  • Under Eye Skin Fix {Right}

Color Palettes

  • Skin Tone Palette
  • Rosy Cheeks Palette
  • Luscious Lips Palette

Skin Tone Enhancers

  • Soft Glow Fair
  • Soft Glow Bright
  • Soft Glow Warm
  • Soft Glow Lively
  • Freckle Enhancer
  • Freckle Boost

Eye Enhancers

  • All Over Eye Foundation
  • Brighten Iris Color
  • Darken Iris Outer Rim
  • Pop Iris Catchlight
  • Eye Whitening
  • Lashes & Brows
  • Define The Eyes

Mouth Enhancers

  • Lip Gloss
  • Lip Highlight Shine
  • Teeth Whitening

Hair Enhancers

  • Silky Smooth
  • Highlight Glisten
  • Hair So Healthy It Shines
  • Intensify Backlight Highlights
  • Sun In Lightener
  • Erase Flyaways

Dodge & Burn

  • Dodge The Highlights
  • Burn The Shadows

Finishing Brushes

  • Extra Fill Flash
  • Extra Shadows
  • Sharpen The Details
  • Magic Contour {Light}
  • Magic Contour {Medium}
  • Magic Contour {Heavy}

Finishing Touches

  • Colorful Wonderful
  • Amazing Dehazing
  • Pure White Highlight
  • Lighter Brighter
  • Nitty Gritty Pretty
  • Kinda Warm Kinda Cool
  • Picture Perfect Polish
  • Clarity Defog

Brush Applicator Action

  • Eyelash Applicator

Resize, Sharpen & Logo

  • Web Exact Dimension Resize and Sharpen
  • Sharpen for Print
  • Watermark/Logo Placement

Portrait Retouch
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Portrait Retouch
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The Portrait Retouch Collection
Average rating:  
 13 reviews
 by Katie H.
Incredible Skin Retouching

These actions are magic and save me so much time. My favorite retouch set.

 by Sara J.
Must have for retouch

These are now my go to actions for anything retouch. I don't what I'd do without them now. Must have set in my opinion. enjoy. Sara

 by Cindy
Great retouch set

Very nice retouch spe ific set, love it, my go to for retouch.

 by Robyn
Beautiful results

Beautiful results every time!

 by BC
Very handy actions

These are very handy and i use them quite a bit for tricky retouch situations. Saves a lot of time and no way I could get this done myself, would take too much time in Photoshop to do this well. Recommend

 by Alcides Moreno
Just what I needed!

I was looking for that extra punch in my portratits and this action gave that to me, you can´t go wrong with this action, FULLY recommended!

 by Amanda
Amazing product

The portrait retouch collection is incredible! The skin tone pallet alone has completely transformed my images. This set really gives my work the fine art look I have been dreaming of. I love it so much!!

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