General Information

A Photoshop action is a tool designed to enhance and enrich an image using Photoshop, all at the click of a button. Photoshop actions allow the user to save time while editing and achieving a more consistent and professional look. An action automatically executes several steps at once, allowing the user to achieve a desired result without having to execute each step manually. Photoshop actions are a great way to achieve the same amazing looks as your favorite photographers.
A Lightroom preset allows you to apply a recipe of effects to a batch of photographs with a single click using Adobe Lightroom. Just like Photoshop actions, Lightroom presets allow photographers to save time editing photos by applying common photo enhancements to batches of photos quickly and easily.
While actions execute a series of steps to achieve a desired look to your image, overlays are unique images that are applied as a layer on top of your main image. Overlays can transform an image by creating a new look or feel entirely. Overlays can also add unique wow elements to an image, such as eye-catching clouds or light rays.
We encourage creativity and want our valued customers to apply Greater Than Gatsby actions, overlays, and presets to enhance their own images for personal or commercial use. Images used for commercial use must be flattened, per our terms of use. Greater Than Gatsby actions, overlays, and presets may not be used in templates for sale or to make new actions, overlays, or presets.
Retouch contains skin fixes and smoothing as well as facial feature enhancements. The Workflow contains foundation actions, artistic tones, finishing touches and exporting actions.