Photoshop Overlays

The Innocence Snow Day Collection


This versatile snow overlays collection transforms any regular image into a magical Winter Wonderland.

The Wet Plate Collection


Combines textures and overlays to replicate the iconic wet plate process of the mid to late 1800s.

Painterly Skies


Joshua’s personal skies, a set of highly-usable dramatic backdrops in a soft focus format that blend seamlessly.

Transparent Light


Cast dramatic lighting effects and achieve the wow factor with our stunning array of light bursts and rings.

Photoshop Overlays & Textures for Photoshop & Elements

Welcome to Greater Than Gatsby Photoshop Overlays. Our Photoshop overlays make a perfect complement to any action set. Our unique photoshop overlays make it easy to add snow, gorgeous skyscapes, dynamic cloud formations, or dramatic lighting to your photos, all at the click of a mouse. Photoshop Overlays can be difficult to apply, which is why we provide a custom-built photoshop overlay applicator action with each set, making it easier than ever to move and place our photoshop overlays in the perfect position over your image. Unlike other photoshop action-makers, our photoshop overlays are transparent, allowing them to easily and effortlessly blend with your image – resulting in stunning effects. Check out our beautiful and affordable texture and overlay selection and enjoy creating new and awe-inspiring looks!

Photoshop Overlays & Textures Reviews

Greater Than Gatsby Photoshop Overlays & Textures

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