promopageThinking about a new camera purchase or wish you had a top-of-the-line DSLR used by the pros? Greater Than Gatsby is giving away a camera just in time for Christmas!

Greater Than Gatsby (, a market leader in digital photography editing tools, announces their annual camera giveaway. The winner gets to choose between a Canon 5dMKIII or Nikon D750. Greater Than Gatsby encourages those currently involved in photography or interested in getting into photography to enter the giveaway and share the opportunity with others.

“As Greater Than Gatsby continues our journey in the world of photography, marketing discussions center these days around telling our story. And helping others tell theirs. Giving away a professional camera feels like a natural way for us to achieve both.” said Joshua Hohweiler, CEO and Founder of Greater Than Gatsby, LLC, and Dallas-based photographer. “Our family-owned business owes our success to our community of photographers and this giveaway allows us to show our appreciation this Christmas season, and help one of our photographers take the next step towards realizing their dream of becoming a professional photographer.”

To enter the giveaway, entrants must do the following:

1) Follow us on our Instagram page @gatsbyactions
2) Repost our camera giveaway image and hashtag #GatsbyActions
3) Tag a friend

The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve (Thursday, December 24th) at 6pm EST on the Greater Than Gatsby (@gatsbyactions) Instagram page.

About Greater Than Gatsby

Greater Than Gatsby is a market leading Photoshop action and Lightroom preset designer, offering innovative digital tools to evolve and simplify your editing workflow. Gatsby’s creative and versatile solutions to common photo editing challenges allow you to quickly execute your artistic vision in a short amount of time. This allows you to put more of your resources into what really matters — your images.

22 thoughts on “Win a Canon 5dMkIII or Nikon D750 camera from Greater Than Gatsby in 2015!

  1. Jonathan pidcock says:

    well the reason I signed up for this is because ive always loved photography and I’ve got a little one on the way so I want to be able to show him that I actually have this skill and that any one can accomplish their dreams if they set there minds to it

  2. Janessa says:

    I would love to win this camera body. I love how it has the second card slot feature. I would love to have this camera specifically for weddings. I unfortunately had a card corrupt during a wedding a few years back and lost ALL of their precious memories. It was as much devastating for me as it was for my bride and groom. That second back up card would give me some peace of mind, especially with three weddings approaching in 2016. I just think it’s wonderful to have, especially for photographers who take their job seriously and understand how important memories and moments are.

  3. shannon says:

    this camera would be WONDERFUL for my clients and i , for all those moments frozen in time
    Good Luck to all my fellow photographers

  4. Anjelo Vitela says:

    Hey guys I would really appropriate if I won the action, due to a couple of weeks ago I was in youth at church and my car was broken into taken were school backpack and my camera bag full of all my equipment. I got that camera my freshman year of high school, and I loved it ever since. Now being my Senior year of high school & planning for college I really don’t have any time to raise any money to replace it. So I’m hoping and praying that I will get this camera to continue to do what I love! Thanks Great Than Gatsby
    Instagram- itsanjelovitela

  5. Jules says:

    I would love to upgrade to this!!!! I am about a year new into photography and this would be a great win for me!!! I don’t have anything this nice YET!!
    I LOVE all of your editing features!!

  6. Jaye Clements says:

    Huge fan of both camera’s! would love one for Christmas!!! thanks for the contest… awesome Black Friday sale! I appreciate the great customer service! Looking forward to the next sale this weekend… Merry Christmas! Happy New Year Greater than Gastby team… I had to take a screenshot to repost the contest… it’s on my instagram… and I shared it too! 🙂

  7. Shola Bassey says:

    Incidentally, I just told my dad few minutes ago, even before coming on instagram, about my need for a camera as my course in school (photojournalism) requires every student a new camera. His response was that i should use a device that he had gotten recently, something very incapable of helping my work as a photographer/journalist. I log on to instagram and find out that You guys are doing this “win a canon-5dmkiii-or-nikon-d750-camera-from-greater-than-gatsby” I’m really hoping I win.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Planning on starting photography but my only constraint is getting a good camera. this wld just be d perfect xmas and a splendid way to start a new year if i cld win this.
    instagram- @ortega._

  9. ayotomiwa says:

    been trying to save for a camera but my has been futile by one thing or the other…winning this camera would be a dream come true..

  10. says:

    I’ve never won a giveaway in my life but it never hurts to try! I love photography and want to be a photographer when I grow up but at the moment all I have to practice on is my mom’s DSLR which is great, but has a terrible lens and I would be ecstatic to upgrade to having one of these all to myself. It would be a Christmas Miracle if I won!

  11. Tajwar Ahad says:

    It would mean THE WOLRD to win this camera! I’ve never won a giveaway of any kind in my life, and I don’t have a lot of money. Because of this financial barrier, I can’t pursue photography as much as I wish I could. This camera would be LIFE-CHANGING. Thank you so much for hosting this kind of competition and happy holidays!

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