Flowers in November?  I’m still in disbelief that it was 80 degrees for our last fall session, but I think it was a sign as to how amazing this shoot would be.  Even more amazing was my model, Race Austyn, who rocked this session donning a boho-inspired Jak & Peppar outfit. All images were edited with actions from both the Innocence Collection & the Three Nails Collection.

Boho Styled Shoot

Boho Styled Shoot

Boho Styled Shoot

Boho Styled Shoot

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9 thoughts on “Boho Styled Shoot with Joshua Hohweiler

  1. Courtney Martin says:

    Race always loves shooting with Josh but this particular shoot was amazing! This shoot was just so her style. Josh always captures her personality you can see in some of the images her little mischievous smirk! We always love shooting with him he is amazing at finding just the right angel and keeping the girls in a great mood. Thanks so much for using Race and Pyper. They are both available for modeling anytime!

  2. Joanna says:

    How can I see older posts? I’m only seeing the last two. Is there a way to see archives? New to the site, and hence I’m asking. There is not arrow or clickable “older posts” showing up on my screen.

    • mm
      Joshua Hohweiler says:

      Hi. I just started the blog so this is just the second post I have made. I’ll be posting again later today.

  3. Tom says:

    Love the posts. Can you post your camera settings more often and the exact settings on the collections (like in your latest posts). Thnx.

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