Dallas, TX – September 7, 2022

Greater Than Gatsby (www.greaterthangatsby.com), a market leader in creating the best professional photoshop actions for photographers, announces The Cult Classics Collection, our latest dynamic action collection.

Encapsulates rich warmth and golden hour sunlight all while maintaining accurate skin tones

Greater Than Gatsby is super excited to announce The Cult Classics Collection to the market. The Cult Classics Collection is our latest dynamic action set which highlights warm, rich and dramatic scenes that work any time of year, especially in the fall season.

The Cult Classics Collection includes 80 actions. Included are a plethora of One-Click Foundations and a slew of special effects, tones, movable sunlights, brushes, background colors and dodge and burn tools.

Try our sample collection of 12 free photoshop actions before you buy.

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