Dallas, TX – Nov 6, 2021

Greater Than Gatsby (www.greaterthangatsby.com), a market leader in creating the best photoshop actions for photographers, announces The Joy of Light Collection, a 2-part collection that captures two different types of natural light.

This set combines two different and contrasting types of natural light

Greater Than Gatsby is very excited to announce The Joy of Light Collection to the market. The Joy of Light Collection is an innovative and stylistic set that captures two of the most popular styles of photographing natural light, the Light and Airy look and a contrasting Warm and Radiant style. Both sets introduce a new and more efficient way of running your color base foundations. No matter which foundation is selected, your skin tones, highlights and shadows will all be balanced.

The Joy of Light Collection includes 80 actions in each set for a total of 160 actions. Each set includes a wide variety of foundations, artistic tones and micro-tone adjustments, in addition to various other tools related to each style.

Try our sample collection of 12 free photoshop actions download before you buy.

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